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Bonus Episode: Patti Lawrimore, Lead Science Teacher

Bonus Episode: Patti Lawrimore, Lead Science Teacher

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This is a bonus episode of the Science is Cool Unplugged podcast where we get to hear the extension of our conversation we had with Patti Lawrimore.  They discuss how she utilizes Chat GPT in her classroom and the ways she uses it as a tool and not a crutch.  They also delve into the importance of science literacy and its interdisciplinary importance.



Patti has been teaching science in Fulton County Georgia for 28 years most recently at Riverwood International as Instructional Lead for science and teaching Environmental Science.  She loves teaching “outside the walls” and finding the perfect place on campus to experience science. Her classes have created and sustained food forests , opened an apiary and research garden on campus. Classes always focus on project and problem-based learning, making sure the students are learning how to ask great questions and the way to seek out the answers.

Her latest adventure is starting a STEM outreach program “LabDash”. Incorporating vertical instruction, bringing science phenomena to our feeder elementary schools.

She has a Bachelors of Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison in Conservation Biology and has an MEd.-Biology from North Georgia College.

When she’s not teaching she is hiking, practicing yoga or playing tennis.


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