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Every Student is a Scientist with Dr. Joy Kiano

Every Student is a Scientist with Dr. Joy Kiano

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In this episode of Science is Cool Unplugged, Dave talks to Dr. Joy Kiano, a lifelong scientist and educator, and one of the busiest people we know! We first met Joy because she helped create a children's television program called N*Gen TV Africa (pronounced “engine”) featuring students and teachers from pan Africa. This show served as a way for kids to stay engaged in their science education while they were stuck at home during the pandemic.

Today, N*Gen TV Africa is a next-generation science TV show for young learners in Africa, designed to encourage a culture of curiosity and discovery, model holistic ways of learning, and promote positive gender norms. The program is a compilation of educational segments, delivered by charismatic teachers, exciting animations, fun quizzes, and experiments, as well as tips for healthy living. It has been picked up for multiple seasons and is featured through Discovery Education!

Joy also shares her journey to science growing up as a female in Africa and how she is working to make that path easier for those that want to follow in her footsteps.

Find Joy’s Science is Cool session here: https://www.thepocketlab.com/video/scic5/ngen-tv-africa 

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Dr. Joy Kiano has been the Educational Advisor and Global Ambassador for N*Gen TV Africa since 2020. Joy is a passionate educator, school leader, and teacher of science. She is deeply committed to enriching the learning experience of young people, in order to prepare them for the 21st Century workplace. Trained at Oxford, she has worked as an educator in the UK and Kenya, with teaching and leadership experience that focuses on teacher-facilitated, student-centered learning. She is a seasoned teacher and has taught in a variety of education systems and created engaging curriculums and programs of study from Prep to A-level. She is also the Founding Principal of Nova Pioneer Girls High School in Kenya, where she recruited, coached, and mentored teachers for a new educational movement that adapted the Kenyan national curriculum for an innovative, student-centered approach to 21st Century learning.

She is a published scientist, with a doctorate in molecular biology and biochemistry, and has been recognized by governments as a lead expert in the regulation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

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