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Project Based Learning is a Teacher's Super Power with Dr. Sally Creel

Project Based Learning is a Teacher's Super Power with Dr. Sally Creel

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In this podcast, Dave discusses Project Based Learning (PBL) with Sally Creel, a STEM & Innovation Supervisor in Cobb County, Georgia. They delve into the benefits of authentic learning, inquiry-based approaches, and hands-on experiences in fostering student-centered and collaborative education. Sally highlights the importance of integrating PBL into the curriculum to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and innovation among students. They also explore the significance of 21st-century skills, such as problem-solving and project management, and emphasize the role of teacher professional development in implementing effective PBL strategies. Tune in to gain insights on engaging students through real-world applications and promoting STEM education through project-based experiences.

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ABOUT sally

STEM and Innovation Supervisor for Cobb County School District

Dr. Sally Creel, K-12 STEM & Innovation Supervisor for Cobb County Schools in Georgia, has spent the last 28 years as an educator, science and STEM administrator working with leaders, teachers, and K–12 students. Dr. Creel earned a Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education from Shorter College in Georgia, a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education from Piedmont College in Georgia, and her doctorate in Teacher Leadership from Kennesaw State University. Dr. Creel served as the President of the Georgia Science Supervisors Association and Science Teaching Association and continues to work as a professional development consultant for several organizations including the National Science Teaching Association, Georgia DOE, Kennesaw State University, FTW Robotics, Picture Perfect Science, Teacher Created Materials and various federal grants. Dr. Creel has most recently contributed to the publication Navigating the challenges of elementary science teaching and learning: Using case-based pedagogy to understand dilemmas of practice. She was also a consulting author for the Smithsonian’s STEAM Readers series and STEM Position Statement for the National Science Teaching Association.  Dr. Creel currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Georgia Aquarium, Underwriter’s Laboratory OREE Advisory Board, and Interactive Research Methods Lab at Kennesaw State University. 


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