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Exploring the Intersection of Science, Culture, Color and Alcohol with Adam Rogers: Part 1

Exploring the Intersection of Science, Culture, Color and Alcohol with Adam Rogers: Part 1

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In an enlightening podcast episode, host Dave Baker engages with Adam Rogers, senior correspondent at Insider and the celebrated author of 'Full Spectrum' and 'Proof'. This episode provides teachers with a captivating exploration into the science of color and the science of alcohol, beautifully illustrating their convergence with cultural advancements.

Sparked by the internet's famed dress color perception controversy, Rogers delves into the intriguing science of color in his book 'Full Spectrum'. His investigation uncovers the central role of titanium dioxide, a mineral pigment prevalent in our everyday environment. The podcast emphasizes how our understanding of color propels us to create and simulate more colors, further deepening our knowledge, a cycle that Rogers also identifies in the science of alcohol in his book 'Proof'.

Rogers champions the use of familiar concepts, such as with cocktails, to simplify and communicate complex scientific ideas effectively. He advocates for an interconnected teaching approach that highlights practical applications, aiding students in grasping the intricate interplay between different disciplines. Rogers demonstrates his point by explaining the science behind whiskey production.

The podcast also sheds light on the historical and cultural significance of the pigment trade, drawing parallels to the spice trade due to their rarity and location-specific availability. The discussion underlines the lasting vibrancy of certain colors, like blue, and the fascinating color advancements in civilizations around the world.

Baker's conversation with Adam Rogers offers a vibrant journey through the landscapes of science, culture, color, and alcohol. It serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of scientific advancements and cultural changes. Be sure to tune in for part 2 of this engaging podcast episode, promising to continue this enlightening exploration of the science of color and the science of alcohol.

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Adam Rogers is a journalist at Insider, writing about science, technology, and culture. A longtime editor and writer at Wired, he wrote that one story about the Dress that one time (think which color do you see?). He is also the author of the New York Times science bestseller Proof: The Science of Booze, and his latest book is Full Spectrum: How the Science of Color Made Us Modern.


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