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From Elton to Electrons: The Role of Creativity and Experimentation in the Classroom with Dr. John Spencer

From Elton to Electrons: The Role of Creativity and Experimentation in the Classroom with Dr. John Spencer

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In this week's episode, Dave joins Dr. John Spencer to take a dive deep into the evolution of technology, education, and innovation. Their conversation delves into the importance of project-based learning in education, emphasizing the value of empowering students to explore, experiment, and learn through hands-on experiences. They discuss the significance of embracing failure as an inherent part of the learning process and highlight the parallels between classroom dynamics and real-world industries like music and semiconductor manufacturing. Throughout the episode, they emphasize the need for engaging, curiosity-driven education that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability.

By sharing personal anecdotes and insights, Dave and John underscore the importance of fostering a culture of experimentation and risk-taking in both education and professional fields. They emphasize the power of phenomena-based learning, drawing connections between scientific principles and real-world applications. Through examples ranging from Elton John's music career to Steve Spangler's captivating demonstrations, they illustrate the concept of prolific creation and the iterative nature of success. Ultimately, the episode underscores the need for educators to embrace innovative teaching methodologies that prioritize curiosity, exploration, and resilience, preparing students for a rapidly changing world.








Hi, I’m John Spencer. I’m a former middle school teacher and current college professor on a quest to transform schools into bastions of creativity and wonder. I want to see teachers unleash the creative potential in all of their students so that kids can be makers, designers, artists, and engineers. I explore research, interview educators, deconstruct systems, and study real-world examples of design thinking in action. I share what I’m learning in books, blog posts, journal articles, free resources, animated videos, and podcasts.

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