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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Your Classroom with Jordan Harrod

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Your Classroom with Jordan Harrod

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In this intelligent episode, we sit down with an artificial intelligence expert, Jordan Harrod and learn about the immediate impact of AI and how it can help shape our future.  Dave and  Jordan's dive deep about everything AI and how it will change education.

They also discuss Chat GPT, machine learning, models and AGI, and we learn more than we thought we needed to know about how AI works. They discuss AI literacy, how AI is trained, how accurate or inaccurate AI can be, and how AI is even learning bias!

But of course, this is an education podcast, so what does this all mean for your students? Jordan and Dave discuss how students can use AI in the classroom, what they should avoid, and how teachers can leverage AI to help prepare their students for the future! The also answer the question - what do educators need to understand and watch out for in the classroom now that students can access this new technology?


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ABOUT Jordan

Jordan Harrod (she/her) is a Ph.D. Candidate in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics at the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program. Her research focuses on applying neuromodulation to clinically relevant challenges and using neurotechnology and machine learning to develop new tools for brain stimulation. Jordan received her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University in 2018, where she worked on interfacial tissue engineering, medical image analysis, and machine learning for MRI reconstruction. In her spare time, Jordan is actively involved in science communication via her YouTube channel, which focuses on engaging the public on artificial intelligence and Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram. 


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