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Tech Equity in Schools: A Critical Conversation with Tammie Schrader

Tech Equity in Schools: A Critical Conversation with Tammie Schrader

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In this discussion, Tammie Schrader, science coordinator for Eastern Washington State, joins Dave to discuss a wide range of topics related to education, technology, and the evolving nature of learning. Come hear what she has to say about AI in the classroom plus so much more!  They start by exploring the importance of providing students with access to cutting-edge tools and technologies, such as AI and chatbots, to enhance their learning experiences. They emphasize the need for equity in education, as not all students have the same access to these tools, and ensuring that all students can benefit from the latest technology is a crucial goal.

The conversation also delves into the idea that education should focus on teaching students how to think rather than preparing them for specific jobs. They discuss the value of introducing students to a variety of tools and fostering their creativity and problem-solving skills, as the jobs of the future may not even exist yet. They raise questions about traditional educational practices, like reading specific literary texts, and whether providing more choices to students in what they read or study could enhance their understanding and engagement.

Overall, the conversation highlights the need for flexible and innovative approaches to education that empower students to think critically, adapt to change, and find their own path in an ever-evolving world.


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ABOUT tammie

Tammie is a Regional Science and Computer Science Coordinator for Northeast Washington Education Service District 101 in Washington State. Tammie was a science teacher at Cheney Middle School, in Cheney, Washington for 15 years. She is currently an adjunct science methods instructor at Whitworth University. She taught Life Science as well as Computer Programming, Gaming Programming, Robotics as well as coaching the Science Olympiad Team, Robotics Club, SeaPerch Team as well as Future Business Leaders of America at her middle school. She has her B.A. in Education as well as a B.S. in Biology. She earned her M.A. in Education and Teaching At-Risk Students from Gonzaga University. She is currently enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate and is writing her dissertation on Leadership and Game-Based Education in the Classroom.


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