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The Art of Engagement: Magic, Media, and Mindful Teaching with Steve Spangler

The Art of Engagement: Magic, Media, and Mindful Teaching with Steve Spangler

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In this episode, Dave and STEM educator and TV personality, Steve Spangler have an enlightening conversation about the interest students and young people naturally have in science and how to bring that to life in the classroom. They discuss Steves's success with the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment and how it captured the attention of millions in and out of the classroom. Steve draws on his experience as a magician and how that influences the way he teaches and engages the classroom. He talks about is experience making videos with Sick Science, and how they have changed their social media presence and strategy over the years.

They discuss some of the issues teachers face today in the classroom and barriers to using creative teacher techniques. He shares his love for creating memorable classroom experiences over forgettable work and fostering a love within students that will stay with them beyond the classroom.

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He’s a bestselling author, STEM educator, and business leader branded by TIME Magazine as one of their “most influential people of the year” because of his passion for inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

With more than 2,100 television appearances and multiple Emmy awards to his credit, Steve Spangler understands the power of using television to make learning science fun.

Steve’s catalog of videos featured on social media has more than 1.5 billion views, and parents and educators widely use his books and online experiments to increase student engagement and inspire young scientists to learn more about STEM-based careers.

Nationally known as a teacher’s teacher, Steve travels extensively, working with educators at all levels in ways to make learning more connected and engaging in the 21st-century classroom. Steve’s in-person and virtual professional development workshops focus on inquiry-based learning that highlights best practices for classroom teachers with research-guided strategies for purpose-driven engagement.

But Steve Spangler feels most at home when he’s on stage sharing insights and creating those amazing experiences audiences remember for a lifetime. Steve brings over 30 years of experience (6,500+ presentations) to the platform every time he speaks.

In July 2010, members of the National Speakers Association inducted Steve into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame. He is among an elite group of only 242 professional speakers in the world to receive this honor.

In 2022, Spangler joined the faculty at High Point University (High Point, North Carolina) as the STEM Educator in Residence. Steve works with students and faculty to create transformational experiences that inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

For the past two years, Steve Spangler has been honored to be included in the Global Gurus Top 30 in Education. This achievement recognizes Steve’s passion for finding the most creative ways to inspire students and educators worldwide.

Whether you’re looking for an amazing keynote speaker to kick-off your event, teacher training and professional development opportunities to help you become a more effective STEM educator, or personalized consulting and coaching, Steve Spangler can help you create your own transformational experiences in business and education.


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