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Activate Learning

Making the Case for Project-based Learning


Learn about the educational work and travels to six continents experienced by Gary Curts; a former high school physics, chemistry and earth science teacher with over 40 years in the classroom. Gary has trained educators and teachers around the globe. These experiences have honed and sharpened his pedagogical beliefs and support successful outcomes with project-based learning.

Grades 9-12

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Gary Curts HS Science Curriculum Specialist, Activate Learning

I have an Educational Consulting Company that focuses on STEM, Project/Problem Based Learning, Holistic Assessments, Metacognitive and Student-Centered Strategies working with educators from elementary to university around the world and domestically. I have traveled to Egypt, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates working with STEM educators on honing and mastering PBL skills.

Undergrad - Otterbein University, Masters - The Ohio State University, served on the National Advisory Board for the Eisenhower Clearinghouse of Science and Math Education Funding at the Ohio State University, served on the State Board of Directors for the Science Education Council of Ohio, acted as a consultant on the high school physics book, "Active Physics", taught physics, chemistry, and earth science a lot of years, was a recipient of Dublin Schools Hall of Fame, Teacher of the Year, and the "Excellence in Education" award, currently working at Activate Learning's High School Domestic and International Consultant.

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