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STEM Summit

STEM in K-5


This session aired at ScIC6 Science is Cool Virtual STEM Summit on Thursday, August 5, 2021.

Educators must build a solid STEM foundation to prepare students for middle school and high school. Let's talk about how to engage them in K-5.


Jolie Pelds Director of Innovative STEM Teaching | Science Center of Iowa

Jolie Pelds is the Director of Innovative STEM Teaching at the Science Center of Iowa. Her passion to encourage creativity and innovation through science and STEM topics can been seen as she works with learners from ages 2-92. Her work includes the Innovation Lab, mobile SPARK Lab, Homeschool Science Series and Teacher Professional Development.


Kelsey Lipsitz  Science Educator | Exploratorium

Kelsey joins the Institute for Inquiry staff with a background in elementary science education and professional development. She taught fifth grade in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, before returning to her alma mater, the University of Missouri, for her Ph.D. in Science Education. During her doctoral studies, Kelsey was a research assistant for a professional development program dedicated to quality elementary science teaching, taught preservice science methods courses, and developed and facilitated workshops for educators at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Nebraska.


Joy Kiano  Global Ambassador | N*Gen TV Africa

N*Gen (pronounced “engine”) is a next-generation science TV show for young learners in Africa, designed to encourage a culture of curiosity and discovery, model holistic ways of learning, and promote positive gender norms. The program is a compilation of educational segments, delivered by charismatic teachers, exciting animations, fun quizzes, and experiments, as well as tips for healthy living.

Season 1 comprises 13 broadcast half-hour episodes and is currently broadcast in multiple countries in Africa, including Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, as well as the US and the Caribbean via The Africa Channel.

Katrina Minck  Science Teacher Extraordinaire | Fremont Unified School District

Katrina is a K-6 science specialist educator with 19 years teaching experience at mostly the middle school level. Her work includes coaching teachers on the inquiry cycle, design thinking, implementing formative assessments and the lesson study model. She has been trained by the Institute for Inquiry at the Exploratorium as well as Cognitive Coaching by Art Costa. She has presented for CSTA, NSTA, Washington Mutual’s New Teacher Conference, Orange County New Teachers Conference, and more. In her personal life, she is a parent and world traveler with a multicultural social justice approach to STEM. She has continued to collaborate with students forming lasting connections with families with a passion for technology, current trends and data literacy.

Notes and Resources:

Marvels of Science: 50 Fascinating 5-Minute Reads by Kendall Haven

Guide to Marking and Annotating Text 

STEMazing Annotation Cards 

STEMazing Annotation Cards for Older Students

Visual Thinking Strategies

Three Simple Questions - Visual Thinking Strategies

Integrating Science with Literacy and Numeracy 

At Home Science Youtube Channel 

Engineering with Paper 

Make Rainbows with M&Ms from At Home Science 

Bees Have a Hairy Secret with Science Friday at ScIC5 

Physics Educational Resources from South Dakota State University

Call to Action - Inclusive STEM Pathways in Education Slide Deck 



Exploratorium Education Programs

Phyphox - physical phone experiments


Pogue's Basics: Tech by David Pogue


ScIC6 STEM Summit Video Library


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