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The Dawn of Virtual Robotics Competitions


Please excuse the intermittent quality of this replay. Our presenters are hand-picked for their expertise and passion for championing educators. We hope you enjoy the wealth of information and insights offered by each of them.

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This session aired at ScIC6 Science is Cool Virtual Unconference on Thursday, July 29, 2021.

FIRST Global - the leading provider of global robotics competitions - and Filament Games - the leading developer of digital learning games - have teamed up to launch the world's first digital robotics competition league using Filament's shiny new digital robotics game, RoboCo.

If you're interested in eSports, game-based learning, robotics, or just cool mind-blowing the-future-is-now type stuff, this session is a must-see. Witness the dawn of a new era in robotics education!

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Dan White  CEO | Filament Games

Dan is the founder and CEO of Filament Games, a 50 person learning game development studio that has developed over 250 games for positive impact. His current ambition is to help young people learn how to design robots so they are not replaced by them when they enter the workforce!


Stephanie Slezycki  Director of Development | FIRST Global

Stephanie is a lifelong learner, mechanical engineer, and STEM advocate who lives at the intersection of technology and education and is passionate about transforming the lives of others.

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