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Chat Transcript

This session aired at ScIC7 Science is Cool Virtual Unconference on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

Instructional Practices That Integrate Equity-centered Social, Emotional and Academic Learning

Learning accelerates when educators attune to student social and emotional development, within academic content. But what does that feel like and look like in classrooms? In this session, Dr. Angela Ward and Dr. Nick Yoder explore equity-focused, integrative strategies that educators can easily implement in their classrooms with their students.



Dr. Nick Yoder Sr. Director of Research and Professional Learning | Harmony SEL at National University

Nick Yoder, PhD, is the Senior Director of Research and Professional Learning for Harmony SEL and Inspire Teaching & Learning at National University. He leads and manages the team that supports four core areas, research, policy, content, and professional learning, each with an equity lens. Dr. Yoder collaborates with districts, schools, and other research organizations to lead the research agenda, identifying the effectiveness of the program and ways in which data can be used for continuous improvement of programs and practices.

Dr. Angela M. Ward Chief Programs Officer | Transforming Education

Angela M. Ward, PhD is a student-centered antiracist educator with 25 years of experience supporting students in urban schools. She is passionate about supporting adult learning to ensure that each student learns in a classroom environment that affirms their identity. Dr. Ward supports state and school leaders to build a robust set of systems and practices that nurture student agency and self-efficacy.


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