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Pandemic-induced Innovation in Science Teaching

Dave Vernier with Vernier Software & Technology


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This session aired at ScIC7 Science is Cool Virtual Unconference on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

Human respiration labs using sensors for remote or in-person students? When schools shut down, we heard from science teachers all over the world of their need to continue their lab experiences. Dave Vernier demonstrates how to share data or use our extensive video library to keep your students engaged.

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David Vernier  Co-President | Vernier Software & Technology

Dave Vernier was a science teacher who developed computer programs and sensor to help improve his teaching. That lead to Vernier Software & Technology and Dave is still developing new products and supporting teachers in the use of the products.

Notes and Resources:

Download the free Graphical Analysis Pro

Get your free trial using this license key: 7GqijZRoY (Code valid til Nov 8 2021)

Oxygen Gas and Human Respiration Lesson

Oxygen Gas and Human Respiration Lesson Teacher Guide

Vernier on Twitter

Here is a Google Site that may be helpful for those of you that use Vernier S&T and use the NGSS in your classrooms

If you’re from outside the US and have questions about Vernier software, email our colleague Gary Myers 

Code on the Brink is a great game for getting young kids started

Here is a resource that puts together Vernier S&T and the NGSS. It is an ongoing work so check it out often... 



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