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Power to Explore

with Deanne Bell of Future Engineers &
Lauren Clayman of NASA


Chat Transcript

This session aired at ScIC8 Science is Cool Virtual Unconference on Friday, February 25.


Power to Explore

Future Engineers has launched another awesome challenge in partnership with NASA for your K-12 students!

Founder Deanne Bell talks about the amazing work she is doing at Future Engineers and how your students can sign up for the "Power to Explore" challenge to learn about radioisotope power systems and the chance to win an awesome prize from NASA.


Deanne Bell Queen Bee | Future Engineers

Deanne Bell is an engineer and television host. She loved inventing as a young girl and founded Future Engineers in 2014 to connect inspiring media and tech innovation with engaging STEAM challenges for youth. She studied mechanical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to being a TV host and entrepreneur, she designed opto-mechanics for aircraft sensors and worked as a senior application engineer for a software startup. Her TV hosting credits include CNBC, ESPN, DSC, Nat Geo, and PBS.


Lauren Clayman Radioisotope Power Systems Program Chief Safety and Mission Assurance Officer | NASA

Lauren Clayman is the Chief Safety and Mission Assurance Officer (CSO) for NASA’s Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) Program at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. In this role she ensures that the program technical planning for the design and development of RPS is consistent with NASA’s safety requirements, processes, and best practices, to promote mission success.

Notes and Resources:

Learn more about and sign up for the Power to Explore Challenge

Email Deanne at ​​

Voyager and New Horizons spacecraft

Past and current RPS-powered missions

More about Lauren Clayman

Data for Mariner, Voyager, and New Horizons -



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