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ScIC was born out of the Pandemic

ScIC was born out of the Pandemic

It has been just over a year since the first ScIC launched. 

And WOW, what a year it has been. 

ScIC has attracted 46,436 teachers from 158 countries, creating a fast-growing, dynamic place to discover new tools and creative solutions to important challenges.

Thank you for being the very best part of ScIC, an educator community that just gets each other.

Creating these events for you has been the very best thing about the last year.

ScIC is brought to you by PocketLab

As we celebrate this one year anniversary, we also want to celebrate the people behind the scenes. The first ScIC came together quickly, in about ten days, led by a tiny internal team at PocketLab. A virtual unconference felt like the best response to a pandemic that changed everything. It struck a chord, so we kept going. 

Since then, every ScIC event has been organized and managed by the folks at PocketLab, and it has been a labor of love to bring together the incredible presenters with the extended ScIC community. PocketLab has been this kind of “behind the scenes” sponsor on purpose, to keep the focus on the teachers and presenters, all the while making this virtual unconference happen. 

As part of celebrating ScIC’s one year anniversary, we’d like to spotlight PocketLab and share what we are all about. 

What is PocketLab?

PocketLab is an interactive, hands-on, remote-ready system for learning science with everything science teachers need to bring labs and lessons to life. 

Think: Sensors + Software + Lessons + Community 

Explore PocketLab

PocketLab is a company created for teachers, by teachers. The result is an easy, cool, amazing way to teach science that feels comprehensive and "done for you" while keeping the power to differentiate and customize learning in the hands of teachers.

PocketLab Sensors: 


Wireless, multi-sensors that collect data from a wide range of hands-on science experiments, instantly visualizing the data on PocketLab’s Notebook software. Explore a wide range of sensors, from Voyager, the adventure sensor, to PocketLab Air, the climate crusader.



Visualize Data 1

PocketLab Notebook: This full-featured digital lab book software collects, visualizes, and analyzes experiment data in real-time directly from PocketLab sensors. There’s a free version anyone can use and a Pro version designed for multi-classroom users.

Explore PocketLab Notebook


PocketLab Lesson Library: Inside Notebook software is packed with lessons written by experts, teachers, and the in-house PocketLab team, adaptable to any classroom. There are even lessons featuring StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson!

ScIC: The ScIC virtual unconferences are an example of how PocketLab supports the worldwide science education community. PocketLab is a company created for teachers, by teachers, and that spirit drives everything we do.

STEM Coordinators! PocketLab just created a new line of tailored PocketLab bundles just for you and your unique needs by combining sensors, software, and accessory sets in a way that is designed for the classroom. Imagine everything a school, department, or district needs for integrated science education in one place. Explore the Science Department Bundle, the Citizen Scientist Bundle, or customize bundles of your own. 

Explore the Bundles

See You at ScIC5

Thank you for being part of the ScIC community.

Science is cool because people like you make it cool.

Let’s do this.



PocketLab + ScIC team



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