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Making Good Science Thinkers with Dr. Eugene Cordero

Making Good Science Thinkers with Dr. Eugene Cordero

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In today's episode, we are privileged to speak with Dr. Eugene Cordero a.k.a. Dr. Burrito. Eugene is a climate scientist, professor, and founder of Green Ninja, The only environmentally-focused science curriculum in the country. He is on a mission to turn more children into good science thinkers. He also knows a lot about the carbon footprint of a burrito!

Listen in to hear about his love for climate solutions and veggie burritos. Dave and Eugene discuss the importance of being a good thinker but also about being able to be a good science communicator. Eugene uses storytelling and local action to make science approachable and relatable. Eugene explains how leveraging the drive for exploration in children and adult brains increases science comprehension!

Fair warning - by the time you are done listening to this episode, you will be hungry for a burrito🌯.


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Founder of Green Ninja, Professor of Meteorology and Climate Science, and burrito connoisseur.

Eugene is a climate scientist and professor in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at San José State University.  Eugene is also the founder and director of Green Ninja, a science publisher that uses solutions to climate and environmental problems as a lens for teaching science.

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