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Applying Culturally Responsive Pedagogy with Dr. Uchenna Emenaha

Applying Culturally Responsive Pedagogy with Dr. Uchenna Emenaha

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In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Dr. Uchenna Emenaha to discuss the importance of culturally responsive pedagogy. We learn about Uchenna's journey to complete her Ph.D. on the topic and how she is applying her research in the real world.

Uchenna explains the basics of CRP (culturally responsive pedagogy). Dave and Uchenna discuss the impact that students' "lived experiences" have on their education, and how implicit or explicit bias can play a part. Uchenna is deeply passionate about the nuance of each individual student and has discovered a deep link between social justice and education. She stresses that it is vital that all students, especially minorities, have a safe space in order to adequately learn in a school environment.

Dave and Uchenna go on to talk about "responsible teaching" and how students can thrive in the right situation. Uchenna points out that getting students to think critically is the ultimate goal and teaching her students to use good data to structure a logical argument is the key. Life is a series of decisions and Uchenna wants students to leave school prepared to tackle them!

You can find our previous interview with Uchenna at ScIC10 Live at CAST22 in Dallas, TX, here: https://www.thepocketlab.com/video/scic10/culturally-responsive-pedagogy-in-science-education 



Dr. Uchenna Emenaha is an award-winning assistant professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio who recently won the Science Teachers Associations of Texas 2021 Gerald Skoog Cup College Faculty Award. Her research focuses on culturally responsive pedagogy in science & STEM education. She is devoted to supporting issues of diversity, equity, & inclusion within science/STEM instruction.


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