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Teaching Science the Fun Way with the Amoeba Sisters

Teaching Science the Fun Way with the Amoeba Sisters

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In this fun episode, Dave sits down with Brianna and Sarina, the creators of the hit YouTube channel The Amoeba Sisters! We learn all about their backgrounds and motivation for creating the channel that has been viewed by teachers and classrooms around the world over 160 million times!

Listen in to learn why their style of science content is so appealing to teachers and how it can be used in the classroom. You will also learn which one of the Amoeba Sisters is a good singer and which was a bad student growing up.

Dave and the sisters also discuss how to get students interested in science and why mixing up various styles of content delivery is important because no two students are alike!

Hear about their innovative approach to dealing with complex science concepts and popular science misconceptions and why kids love using their video content to learn about these topics, including the difference between mitosis and meiosis. Check out our Paul Anderson episode to understand the joke. LOL!

The Amoeba Sisters' Cartoon Guide to Biology: Science Simplified will be available at major book retailers in late summer 2024.

You can find their YouTube channel here: 

You can find Amoeba Sisters fun classroom supplies and merchandise here: 

Resources and handouts on their website: 

Teachers pay teachers resources can be found here: 

You can find our interview with the Amoeba Sisters at ScIC10 Live at CAST22 in Dallas, TX, here: 


ABOUT the amoeba sisters

The Amoeba Sisters is a YouTube channel started by sisters Sarina Peterson and Brianna Rapini, and it specializes in teaching biology concepts at the high school level (and beyond) by using illustrated cartoons. Brianna Rapini is a former high school biology teacher and her sister, Sarina Peterson, is a self-taught cartoonist. The Amoeba Sisters channel has grown to over 1 million subscribers with a cumulative view count of over 160 million, and their online community has translated video subtitles in over 22 different languages.


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