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Real-world Science Using Project-based Learning with Gary Curts

Real-world Science Using Project-based Learning with Gary Curts

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Tune in to hear Gary Curts from Activate Learning swap travel stories with Dave  including what happens when you drive a rental car over the saddle road in Hawaii and Gary’s adventures in volcanoes! Then, Dave and Gary talk about the state of science education today and the importance of the paper textbook in the digital age. Gary is a passionate science educator who also shares about his passion for project-based lessons to help students learning more effectively. 

Watch Gary’s passionate conference presentation at Science is Cool 5: https://activatelearning.com/gary-curts-scic5/ 



Retired High School Science Teacher

High School Science Curriculum Specialist

Gary Curts is a 40-year veteran teacher of Physics, Chemistry, Earth, and Life Science. He was a teacher in Dublin, Ohio, and retired in 2015. While teaching, he was concurrently on a special assignment with Dublin Schools Curriculum Department, his specialty being student-centered classrooms and metacognition. Gary has been instrumental in supporting and helping teachers around the world implement Project-based Learning.

Gary is also an avid skydiver (4 continents) and is currently taking lessons on driving Ferrari race cars. He is an amateur ornithologist and astronomer, provocateur of physical fitness, and a wine collector. He was in New Zealand on White Island (Whakaari) with 3 geologists a few months before it erupted.

Connect with Gary at gcurts@activatelearning.com

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