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Staying Curious with Kari Byron

Staying Curious with Kari Byron

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In today’s episode, Dave talks with Kari Byron, a professional curiosity communicator. Kari tells us about her career, her many diverse projects, and her mission to help people become good critical thinkers and "find the hope" in the world!

They also discuss how to sell the Eiffel tower, how to do flood control with diapers, and how many mentos you can eat while drinking diet coke before it becomes a big problem for you.

Kari has an art background that evolved into a science career. She was the first female host on the Discovery Channel, is a perpetually curious and adept question asker, and she is an expert at guerilla engineering. Listen in to hear her amazing perspective on life on using the scientific method, curiosity, representation, and inspiration to make excellent educational video content and lesson plans with her co-founder of EXPLR Media, Jenny Buccos.

Watch Kari's session with Jenny Buccos and Justin Shaifer from Science is Cool 9: https://www.thepocketlab.com/video/scic9/explr-media 

Find Explr Classroom: https://explr-classroom.com/ 

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For nearly two decades Kari Byron has been a strong presence in the world of science television. She is best known as a host on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters but has gone on to host and produce shows spanning several networks; Head Rush, Punkin Chunkin, LDRS, Thrill Factor, Strange Trips, America Declassified, The White Rabbit Project, Positive Energy and Crash Test World.

Connect with Kari at https://twitter.com/KariByron 

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