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Teaching Students Using Holistic Education with Jacob Chastain: Part 2

Teaching Students Using Holistic Education with Jacob Chastain: Part 2

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Dave and Jacob question the true meaning of education in a society where information is readily accessible through smartphones. Part 2 of this teacher podcast, host Dave Bakker engages in a thought-provoking conversation with guest Jacob Chastain, delving into various aspects of education and teaching.  This teaching podcast touches upon the ongoing debate between traditional and classical education, and the hosts delve into the value of studying classics and engaging in time-tested educational activities.

Looking toward the future, this STEM podcast episode discusses potential changes in education, including automated essay writing and the utilization of AI-generated prompts. However, the hosts express reservations regarding the potential lack of engagement and enjoyment in these approaches. The conversation also widens its scope to explore the broader societal implications of relying heavily on AI and automation, emphasizing the importance of understanding both the limitations and possibilities that technology presents.

Throughout the podcast, the hosts stress the positive contributions that technology has made to education, such as fostering connections among people and providing new avenues for expression. They advocate for finding a balance between recognizing the limitations and potential dangers of technology while harnessing its positive impacts to enhance teaching and learning experiences. Empowering teachers to innovate within the education system is seen as crucial, and creative solutions are highlighted as essential in navigating the challenges of modern education.

Moreover, the podcast episode delves into the influential role of teachers in inspiring students, recognizing their individual learning styles and preferences. This teaching podcast emphasizes the significance of understanding students' diverse needs and tailoring educational approaches accordingly. The conversation also explores the profound impact of failure on personal drive, highlighting the value of self-awareness and taking ownership of one's actions. They discuss the importance of teaching problem-solving and communication skills, promoting a well-rounded education that prepares students for various real-world challenges.

Dave and Jacob encourage listeners to reflect on the impact of technology, the role of inspiring teachers, and the power of self-reflection in personal growth. With an emphasis on finding a balance and fostering creativity in education, this episode offers practical perspectives for both teachers and educators seeking to navigate the ever-changing educational landscape.

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ABOUT jacob

Jacob Chastain is the host and creator of the Teach Me, Teacher podcast, a former literacy coach, author, speaker, trainer, and curriculum writer, and is currently teaching seventh-grade English in Ft. Worth Texas.

Jacob believes that educators should be pushing the boundaries of what it means to engage students in the classroom and that teachers are currently in the golden age of education. With the advent of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, educators all over the world can connect and share ideas to improve their craft.

His award-winning Teach Me, Teacher podcast reaches tens of thousands of educators every month across the world, is a top-rated podcast on Apple Podcasts, and has featured some of the premier minds and personalities in education on the show.

Some of the top guests featured on the show are Donalyn Miller, Penny Kittle, Kim Bearden, Hamish Brewer, Kelly Gallagher, and Todd Whitaker.

The show covers anything and everything related to the wonderful world of education but is sure to focus on how they can all step up and be a positive influence for good in their students’ lives.


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