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The Morpho Inst., Education and Conservation in the Rainforest with Christa Dillabaugh

The Morpho Inst., Education and Conservation in the Rainforest with Christa Dillabaugh

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In this podcast episode, Dave engages in a conversation with Christa Dillabaugh, Director of the Morpho Institute, discussing their conservation efforts and educational programs in the Amazon rainforest. Christa shares insights into the institute's initiatives, highlighting the delicate balance between progress and conservation in the region. They delve into the challenges of managing biodiversity while accommodating human presence, emphasizing the need for integrated approaches that involve indigenous communities and diverse perspectives.

Furthermore, Christa elaborates on the Morpho Institute's educational programs, detailing their Amazon research program and efforts to broaden participation and diversity. They discuss upcoming projects, including biodiversity monitoring and field investigations, underscoring the importance of hands-on learning experiences for educators and students alike. Through collaborative efforts and thoughtful planning, the Morpho Institute aims to foster a deeper understanding of tropical ecology while advocating for sustainable conservation practices in the Amazon.


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ABOUT christa

Christa's journey through science, biology, and education has been a bit like the Amazon River - lots of curves and switchbacks, but all culminating in where she is today.   She is currently the director of the Morpho Institute, a conservation education non-profit that develops field study programs for US K12 educators - all based in the Peruvian Amazon. Her love of the Amazon and neotropical rainforests began while leading expeditions for her middle school students.

Her current passion is blending inquiry, place-based education, and community-based conservation into professional learning experiences for teachers. Her next big project is developing a ‘research experience for teachers’ that focuses on biodiversity monitoring in the Amazon.

She has a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University and a Masters of Biology from Miami University. Before founding the Morpho Institute, she was a middle and high school science educator. She has also worked as a science consultant for Pearson Education and Discovery Communications, contributing to curriculum and activity guides as well as educator in-service workshops and training materials focusing on STEM and Understanding by Design in the science classroom.


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