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Making STEM Learning Accessible for All Students with Maynard Okereke

Making STEM Learning Accessible for All Students with Maynard Okereke

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In this super fun episode, you will have the privilege of experiencing the incredible energy of the Hip Hop M.D.! Maynard Okereke talks with us about his amazingly upbeat approach to bringing STEM education to underserved populations and making it fun and accessible for everyone!

Dave and Maynard discuss aspects of our modern world such as social media and AI and how they can both help and hurt students during their childhood education. But both agree that this technology can be extremely helpful if used correctly to foster learning in a positive way!

They delve into the topic of AI and Chat GPT and ways that teachers and students can both use and learn from it in the classroom. They also discuss at length the drawbacks of brand-new technology and acknowledge the need to either embrace it or face getting left behind. 

Maynard shares about his work in schools, at STEM events and conferences, and on his various media platforms. His goal is to show that STEM is definitely fun, but he stresses that the delivery matters. Maynard's passion is reaching underserved student populations, and he hopes to inspire students around the world to look up to "celebrity" scientists that look like themselves, just like they do sports figures or movie stars.

Maynard also fills us in on his exciting work with the USA Science and Engineering Festival during their many X-STEM events around the country.

You can hire Maynard for your own school or event! Connect with him and learn more at https://www.hiphopscienceshow.com/ 



Maynard Okereke, better known as the Hip Hop M.D.,  graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Civil Engineering.  He is an award-winning Science Communicator, having received both the Asteroid Award for "Best Streaming Content" and the People of Change Award for his community outreach efforts.  His passion for science and entertainment, along with his curiosity for new innovation has taken him through an incredible life journey.

Noticing a lack of minority involvement in the S.T.E.M. fields, he created Hip Hop Science with the goal of encouraging minorities and youth to pursue more advanced career paths.  His background in engineering, acting, music, business, and credible work in STEM make him uniquely qualified to engage on a wide variety of topics from an entertaining perspective.  This is highly reflected in his speaking engagements and daily social media posts which provide both humorous and informative SciComm content.


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