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Providing Students a Global Perspective with Jenny Buccos

Providing Students a Global Perspective with Jenny Buccos

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In this episode, we hear about the many world travels and projects of the one and only Jenny Buccos aka the real Dora the explorer. Listen in to hear Dave and Jenny discuss growing up in small-town America, traveling, visiting the Parthenon, and how much growth students can experience when they are taught to have a global worldview. They talk about involving students in the discussion of how education should be structured, how to highlight young innovators, and how to ensure representation in educational media.

Jenny and her business partner Kari Byron, aka the Crash Test Girl, are using their content to help shape students into the innovators of tomorrow.

Watch Jenny's session with Kari Byron and Justin Shaifer from Science is Cool 9: https://www.thepocketlab.com/video/scic9/explr-media 

Find Explr Classroom: https://explr-classroom.com/ 

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Jenny is a multi-award winning director & producer. In 2003, before the existence of YouTube, she founded a multimedia website designed to educate primary and secondary school students about global cultures and histories. Over the last 20 years, she has directed and produced nearly 500 educational videos working with leaders and world-renowned organizations including Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the British Museum, and UN.

Connect with Jenny at https://twitter.com/jennybuccos 

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